Sister of Peace
January 1, 2012

one...two-three, one...two-three 2012

"...danced all night."  Waltzing in the New Year is uplifting to our hearts and spirit.  When dancing together one is easily lost in movement and tempo.  To swirl and sway to a melodic melody transends one's minds into a fluid dreamworld.  An engaging moment to share in the being of one with a partner of special meaning.  A New Year's kiss may offer an alternative yet dancing entwines dreams, hopes, and possiblities.

A new year's promise to change something in our lives that we feel we need to correct or aspire to.  Often fading into reality of promises unkept.  Isn't it fun to make a resolution list each year and hope for the best?  Our possible yearning to be better than we are rather than accepting who we are and honoring ourselves.  The first day of the new year inspires us to hope, dream our goals, and accomplishments anticipated for the beginning year.  

Wouldn't it be easier to take our resolutions in small hops rather than a giant leap by reaching a simple daily goal for each day?  There are a lot of pieces of chocolate in the candy box, one can only savor each piece at a time.  A resolution kept simple may inspire to stop and enjoy each piece of chocolate, making each simple resolution attainable.  Every dance has many steps and each step leads into the next step to create a waltz.

The first wedding waltz with your life partner or the bride with her father initiates a new beginning of well wishes of the first year of the couple's life together dancing as one.  The wedding waltz is celebrated each year with the "Anniversay Waltz", danced or just cuddling into the music to share the dreams past and future hopes.  Many a waltz played through the big band era and into 2012.

One floats about the dance floor without a single thought of how to do it.  One knows inside that it is easy and simple.  Keeping our lives simple makes life easier.  At the end of the waltz is the inner joy and a thank you to your partner for sharing a beautiful dance held in each other's arms.  The joy of gratitude comes from the memory of many a waltz past and wishing this dance in life brings the promise of our dreams coming true.  Already knowing we dance the best we can in any given moment.

Joyful blessings and my toast for you with champaign bubbles for the Best 2012.  Rev. Karen