Sister of Peace
January 22, 2011

The open window brings to our senses the vastness of the outside world.  An open window entices us to expand our view and knowledge.  Our "holy eye", like an open window, allows the vision of what is truly withing ourselves, others, and the world around us.  Accepting what we percieve in our reality is overt and covert observation. Observation is neutral and holds no consequences.  Why is it not a judgment?  A judgment is when we put an ethical value on what is observed.  A judgment is applied to the action not the person.  "Is little Marvin naughty or is his action unacceptable?"  Do I admonish Marvin or the behavior?  Yet Marvin's behavior holds consequence. This is how we learn, grow, and experience self-control.

Our interpretation of the world through the open window is reflected in our senses.  The window provides an opportunity for awareness that we are connected to everything and everyone outside of ourselves.  Am I alone when I peer through the open window?  Or am I jpoined in oness and the awesomeness of God's creations?  I am no longer alone when I hear the birds singing, see the breeze sway the leaves of a tree, and smell the freshness and sweetness of the air.  I am incorporated into the peace of the oneness of life.  We are easily lost in the trance of tranquility.  Bringing tranquility into our lives becomes easier with a sigh and a droop of the shoulders before response.  I offered a silent prayer as the ambulance siren screams into the distance and fades away in its journey.  Someday I will ride in the ambulance and pray that you will make way for me.  Someday it may be you laying on this cart bounding for the nearest emergency room.  I am you!

The children are yelling in the playground, singing their chant of "Ring Around the Rosie".  I have been them and must not forget that I am them.  The dogs barkings and children noises are the sounds of life.  I am grateful that I am here to experience them.  Life surrounds me through the open window.

My own heartbeat and breath fill this capsule with its own rhythm of life as I stand peering through the open window.  My thoughts are rambling and endless.  Some thoughts have purpose and others have no meaning.  My thoughts like my heartbeat and respirations allow me to expience the life within me.  As I continue to look out the open window I ponder the thoughts of trees, the grass, the water in the stream, the rabbits, squirrels, flowers, and the stone path.  What are their thoughts?  What is life like for them?  Consciousness is not a human condition for everything is sentient because God created and is in everything.

It is easy for me to see in this dimension and my "holy eye" allows me the window to see into other dimensions.  The life of the elf, fairy, and leprechaun are as busy in their world as I am in mine.  I am grateful that there are open windows for me to experience life in many dimensions.  We are all connected in the creation of life.  Join me and open the window to see me as I see you.
Abundant blessings, Rev. Karen