Rev. Karen Kober
Sister of Peace

We desire, dream, and design our wishes to incorporate them into our lifestyle.  One yearns to know what that is from youth, adulthood, and aged years.  We are constantly seeking what our inner reflections are in life and expressed outward in our lifestyle, our partners, our homes, our profession, and our creative design.

Desire with passion about who we are, our career, how we present ourselves, show compassion for the people around us is our expression of the inner us.  Is it true to who we are or do we create a facade of how we want others to know about us?  Our truth frees us in our perception when we accept who we and others are.

The simplest aspiration to project who we are acknowledges to the world that we are ok and others are ok.  We have an affirmation in our Heart Circle program expresses an easy laid back moment before taking action and it is:

        " I am free of what I think, do, feel or say when all comes from my Divine Heart."

Desires and dreams design our reality and our accomplishments from moment to moment.
Finding the "best we have to offer ourselves, others, and this earth" is comforting through the awareness that we can change our world each moment.  Choice comes to us constantly, do I want the "vanilla or the rainbow ice cream?"  Is one greater than the other?   Is it a choice or a preference?  Nothing is greater than another it just is.

Do we slip and fall at times?  Absolutely!  Does life pull its punches?  Absolutely!  Yet it means that we can make another choice in the next moment.  We error as humans.  We dust ourselves off and move forward again with our desires and dreams to make another choice.  We treat others as we would treat ourself, simple right?  What is it you would like in any given situation?

February has two days marked for enthusiasm, Ground Hog's Day and Valentines's Day.  February 2nd expresses our desire and dream for an early spring, warmer weather, and the change from snowflakes into flower petals.  February 14th is an opportunity to expresses our love for our partner, family, and friends.  To honor who they are in our life. 

The joy is greater when one expresses their love for Creator and creation.  Do you ask God how He is doing when initiating a prayer?  Or is it I want, I want, and I want it now? 
The prayer of gratitude and wisdom connects us with Love.  Prayer is talking
with Him and meditation is listening to Him for guidance.  Every moment and every breath creates our desire and design to live life fully and secure His care.  Trust in Him is our faith knowing that our life and loved ones are living life in their script for learning truth.

Happy Heart Day!  Rev. Karen

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