Take three deep breaths.  Inhale through your nose the presence of God and
exhale through slight pursed lips to release the negativity within.

Drop your shoulders for releasing the muscle tension accumulated during the day. Close your eyes and know that everything is all right.  PEACE

You are interacting with an individual or a group of people.  Maybe your child or animal has pushed you to the limit, you love them, yet your buttons have been pushed by their behavior.  You encounter an accident or incident that you know that you are responsible to take action.  The phone hasn't stopped ringing all day.

Life gives its pushes and shoves, often not in the nicest way.  We tense up.  Take a moment to breathe, to find the quiet place within.  What are you observing?  Why are the behavior of others demanding your attention?  What are they asking?  Do you need to respond with tact, express love, compassion, or turn heels and walk away?

This is the everyday stuff that life is made of.  What of the encounters with people
who approach you with a negative/evil intent and make known that your presence has no meaning for them.  Their consciouseness of right and wrong is diminished or not present.  They just do not care, there is no guilt within.

The observation of behavior holds no judgment.  Your response holds no judgment.  You are aware that there will always be these people on earth.   They seem empty, ignorant, and hollow.  You recognize that you are not responsible for them, it is their journey.   Silently bless them, be pleasant, and aware of your own safety.

Life holds people that will lift your spirits, for you have encountered people with a soul that emits kindness and respect.  They honor the God within you.  These people radiate compassion with a bright light surrounding them.  You see it in their smile.   It seems often there is a distance between encountering these special people that make life worthwile.  Yet we are finding the distance becoming narrower and narrower as humanity is moving into the Law of Grace. 

Join in the celebration of a new beginning of interaction of love and protectiveness for others and our world that in which we live moment to moment.  Be inspired to take the extra step to bring a brighter day into the life of another.  Let inspiration bring the reward of a smile within your heart.  Life becomes fun.  Blessings to you and yours.  Rev. Karen


Sister of Peace
March 1, 2011