Sister of Peace

March 1, 2012
A MOUSE'S TALE by SugarPlum Fairy

Squeak, the wheel turns as I run round and round.  I am here!  Little, black, and warm with life.  I am named SugarPlum Fairy.  It is the most beautiful name I have ever had.  My mom thought it was too long for little me but I thought it was just right.  You see I am a mouse.

I rubbed noses with mom and we both knew she would not eat me.  That's a thing mice do to know they are safe.  I know that I am safe and loved.

I sleep nestled in my bedding, hiding from mom for she likes to watch me breathe as I sleep.  It gives her peace knowing that I am gently in my dreamland.

I look for her in the morning or when she has been gone for awhile.  In the morning I watch her get ready for the day.  My front feet are like people's hands and I wrap them around a bar of my cage as I peer to see what is about.  I stare at her from my cage while she talks with me.  This is why I chose to be with her.

Life before I was in a Doctor's office and my mom spoke to me for the office women.  I was in a bowl with a plant.   I swam about for then I was a fish.  A Siamese fighting fish and my name was Sugar.  I lived a long time for I so enjoyed watching the people come and go. 

It took my mom a long time to figure out that I was "the" fish.  She questioned why she would call a black furry mouse Sugar, which is white, when she called me by name.  Life has its humor and its secrets.  The light went into her eyes...yes it was because the fish's name was Sugar and it was me!  Because she could talk with me I left my swimming life for one of a mouse.  I arranged for her to find me.  She was looking for a mouse to help children learn to hear the animals.  It sounded like a fun life.

My mom noticed a growth on the side of my neck and gave me healing energy.  Since I was still here she took me to the mouse doctor.  The mouse doctor told her that it was not necessary for humans to inject mice with cancer for they get cancer naturally and often about seven months.  The mouse doctor said that mice with this breast cancer lump only last two days not seven.  I asked not to go home as it would be too hard on me to live like this.  Though I was active she did as I asked.  We left the doctor's office with me lifeless in her hands next to her heart.  She cried, yes, she cried for me.

I died the same day as my people's long time human friend died.  Mom says the grief is the same for a mouse as it was for her human friend.  The intensity was not less, one over the other, because life is not less.  She buried me wrapped in the fabric she took my lifeless body home in.  She picked a yellow rose from her garden and placed it on my grave.  The rose lasted as if freshly picked for several days.

She told others that I gave her an abundance of love, joy, and laughter.  She told others not to be afraid of mice and their long soft velvet tail.  We are gentle and loving of life. 

A few days before I went to the doctor my mom awoke to find me in spirit form on her shoulder.  I told I would not be with her much longer.  I asked her if I could come back to her and she said yes.  Though I would have to come back as a bigger animal so that I may stay with her longer.  We agreed on that I would be come back as a cat.

I told her that when the time came where I would be.  I told her I  would be born in April and she would hear about a cat who was to have kittens.  She would hear about it from a man she knew.  I was one of kittens.  I described myself and who I was with.  She asked the baptist minister for me but knowingly he gave another lady two cats (one was me) and refused to give me to her.  She wished me a good life.  I could feel her sad empty heart.  She encouraged me to stay in the body and not try to find her for she was afraid that I would get run over by a car.

I left that body and entered another cat, this time a long furry one.  Mom talked with a lady's cats and the lady told her that one of her cats was going to have kittens.  Mom checked with God if I was one of the kittens.  I was and she asked the lady for me and the lady refused saying that I was not who I said I was.  Again my mom asked me to stay in the body so as not to cause sadness in others.  We would try again after this life as a cat.

I know mom is waiting for me and soon I will come home to her again.  I am still in spirit and it is not the same as touching each other in tenderness.  We have work to do together to talk with children so they can hear the animals.  Some children already do hear me, the animals, and other people.  They are called genesis children.  

Now you know we can be anything we wish to be and it is ok with God.  We are here to experience life giving love, the form does not matter.  If you hear my mom all excited and calling me SugarPlum you'll know I am finally home again!

Rev. Karen