Sister of Peace
March 17, 2012

"You need productive conversation.  People who only talk in conversation of how the weather is you have difficulty with."  That's me.  How's the weather and only the weather is ok yet difficult for a few people a need to feel secure.  Talking about the weather and only the weather is a safety net.  Life's concepts hold challenge to people who only want to feel safe.  Is this negative, no, just safe.

Productive conversation may imply a hope at some point in the conversation that it may bring a "a-ha" moment to inspire awareness in someone else's life to incorporate an awareness or concept they may use in knowing who they are or create positive change.  The old adage, "food for thought". 

A defensive mechanism is to remain unopen to new thoughts, concepts, or current trends in their workforce or in society.  A person who becomes defensive is their issue to remain safe and unchallenged in their world - it is their issue.  A defense mechanism provides the safety yet it is detrimental to mental or emotional health when it impacts their life.

Life is fun and joyful when it is prevalent in our life.  An openess to gain insight to the world around us.  The weather changes, life changes our insight and wisdom to grow from within.  Change is constantly in movement inward and outward.  People are often heard saying that they wish the sun would shine everyday without any weather changes.  My inner instinct says this is boring and dangerous for without change nothing grows.  Rain for watering the earth.  Lightning for nitrogen for the earth.  Wind for propagating seed.  Sun for growth and health of all living things.  Weather holds the key to survival of us and our planet. 

Change within us and around us creates change for growth.  How boring life was only about coloring in our coloring books given to us as children.  Learning to color within the lines and feeling safe.  Change is the creativity explode into the full freedom of the art of life expressed.

Ritual is a way of feeling secure and safe.  Ritual is needed by all.  Try putting on the opposite shoe first tomorrow morning.  Ritual fits comfortably within the framework of life.  Ritual and defense mechanisms are not mentally or emotionally healthy when it impacts life into obsessive/compulsive behavior. 

Life is about change in all aspects.  Growing from conception to death is a progressive  change.  Life changes us.  Life changes the world as we know it.  Gone are the black heavy telephones with operators to connect you and another.  Now are the credit card size pocket phones with the freedom to directly talk with many people at the same time. 

Life is fun and if we allow for positive change with responsibility what joy envelopes our life.  Why responsibility?  Responsibility to ourselves, others, this earth.  God gave us this earth to love and protect.  Marriage.  Yes a marriage to this earth we call home.  If we actively nuture and protect the earth we leave a healthy place for our grandchildren's grandchildren.

I am so weary of the spiritual mindlessness.  The three not two: asleep, aware, awakened forms of spirituality.  What evolvement spiritually does another present to you in conversation or you to them?   "Everything is as it should be."  Is it?  Are we mindful of the changes happening in our marriage to this earth?...its lifeforms.  Or is it a cop-out to elude responsibility to nurture and protect our earth?  To object to learning information that requires us to take action to nuture and protect this earth, ourselves, and other lifeforms.  One does not believe that when they wake in the morning that they will become story headlines in the afternoon media reports.  It only happens to the other guy?  The destruction of our earth only involves the other guys, not me?  Oh, it is only an illusion this life.  Is it?  Are we not part of the illusion?  We are the web of life, connected to life, and this earth.  What affects us affects all. 

There is hope in the change that the Solar Logo will positively change our world and life bringing harmony and mindfulness.  The Solar Logo started June 21st of 2011.  The Second Coming started July 31st of 2011.  In this beginning of the 1000 years of peace the joyful experience of life prevails in Yeshua's words to me...Yeshua speaks of joy instead of love.  One brings joy when one brings, radiates, and expresses joy.   Joy gives love.  In our mindfulness and our joy we will create the true blessings of life.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!   Rev. Karen