Sister of Peace
March 24, 2010

PASSION PRAYER - How do I pray?  To pray alone or in group?
Whether one prays by rote or in conversation with Mother and Father God, angels or saints it must be given silently. Pray with sincereness, heartfelt and paced with reverence.  This is why it is called a passion prayer.  All prayers silently given  are encapsulated and go to God, no one else can hear your prayer.  Prayers for children are received first.  A passion prayer is a request for God to listen as one shares their heart, intentions, and blessings.
OGM - What is an OGM?  Can I buy one?
One can only experience an OGM.  It is the "Oh, My God!" moment in life.  It is a spontaneous awareness of beauty, inspiration or reflection that captures the soul's joy.  It is experienced in sighs, ohs and auhs, a yell, a drop of shoulders,a jump for glee, and more...  It is unexpected emotional insight that brings delight and joy.  It is the connection of our soul and spirit to God.
MEDITATION - Is it easy?  How do I learn?

Meditation is any time or place that one has a single focus.  Meditation is usually thought of sitting in a special body position in front a a candle with eyes closed.  One is meditating when one is gardening, writing, painting, daydreaming or even doing dishes.  Meditation is the search to God for His answer to a question you have, guidance or direction in life.  Start simply, take a deep breath or as many as you desire.  Close your eyes and spend a few moments focusing on your breath, inspiration and expiration, the rise and fall of your chest.  Start with a minute and increase the amount and length of meditation per day.  Allow noises and inner chatter to increase your depth of meditation.  Bless the rambling ofthoughts in your mind and allow them to drift away. Eventually they will slow down or cease.  Notice after awhile how calm you are and how calm people become around you.
SILENT THOUGHTS, GOD THOUGHTS - What can I do to have a positive outlook?
One can change one's outlook with awareness of taking a moment before response and then positively re-frame the response with kindness, honor and respect.  There is an affirmation; I AM FREE OF WHAT I THINK, SAY, FEEL, DO OR CREATE WHEN ALL COMES FROM MY DIVINE HEART. 
To ardently remove negative words like don't, can't, won't, but,believe, and others from our speach.  Children and animals do not hear negative these words...that is why a sound is  more effective in getting their attention.  Find the positive in what is in front of you.  Think of three things that you like about a person or thing.  It will place you in a different space of gentleness.  It may seem redundant, something as simple as; this person is always neat and clean, his/her shoes are tied neatly, he always smiles when he greets people.  What may have irritated you in the past about this person melts away.  Life is a choice, what you see is what you create.  The proverbial cup remains full.  Bless everyone and everything.  Even the stamp you lick on the envelope because you can afford to mail a bill that you can pay.  When one blesses what is in their life one blesses themselves.  Gratitude holds the key to the kingdom.  Wake-up each morning with the first prayer,
"Thank You!"   Rev. Karen