Procrastination what a lovely word.  Will I put off what I am expected to do for myself or others in minutes or days?   "Just a little longer.", I tell myself as I continue to ignore the world that calls and beckons that I must remove myself from this moment of bliss of doing absolutely nothing. 

If we felt this way all the time, what would get done or accomplished?  What would never come into existence?  Thoughts ceate inspiration, anxiety creates action, and procrastination creates nothing.

Isn't it wonderful that procrastination exists?  For tomorrow never comes, it is only a dream away.  It is in these moments of floating dreamland that I am able to re-create myself.  I create what surrounds me with a blink of my eye.   It looks as if I have done a good job for everything is beautiful or messy.  It will be this way tomorrow and I can do it tomorrow or the next day.   Thank goodness man created time and I have all of eternity to dream away all expectations I have created for myself.   

Excuse me a moment, "Just a little while longer."  Rev. Karen

Sister of Peace
April 1, 2011