Fibonacci sequence are fibonacci numbers - 1,1,2,3,5,8,13, unending sequence where each term is defined as the
sum of its two predecessors.  We see it all the time in nature.  Flowers have a variety of sequence.  One style, 3 stamen, five petals.  The number sequence feels comfortable and in perspective.  When one decorates the comfort level to the eye is in the odd number.  ie. three candlesticks, pictures, etc.   Natures patterns are everywhere one looks.  Notice the beauty in nature and how numbers effect this beauty.  We are drawn to faces that are symmetrical.  Ever watch a mother with her newborn child count every finger and every toe?  All these feelings that are inspired from nature inspire our lives.  A mandala has symmetry with its center for meditation.  It inspires us to seek the center of our Divine Heart within us and connect with God. 
Rev. Karen
Sister of Peace
May 16, 2011