Bishop Karen Kober
May 16, 2012

An angel is a celestial attendant of God.  The lowest of the nine celestial orders:
seraphim, cherubim, thrones, domination, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels.  They appear in human form with or without wings, occassionally choosing a life on earth as in-carnate angels.  They are messengers of God and protectors or guides for humans.  A deceased person whose soul has been accepted into heaven is called an angel.  They are observers and recorders of each of us in a phylum specific for the Akashic Records in the library of heaven.  What do they record?  Everything we say or do.

This statue of an angel graced my garden and will grace the church, Divine Heart. She will be there to watch over us and guide us.  I have the feeling there is a true angel spirit inside of this statue for she has presence and I sense her serene beauty.

I write this message to honor all angels that have helped me or intervened in my life.  I do on a regular basis acknowledge each one with a thank you.  The first one is Archangel Michael.  He has as I found out can be terse.  I had recently been chosen to become one of the twelve disciples for the Second Coming and was very new to the nine gifts of discernment bestowed upon me by God.  Yes, I was a new kid on the block to become one of the Chosen Many.  I was in the car and started to protect my journey with a 'pink bubble' of protection.  Then I heard this voice of Michael say to stop it for I was already protected by God.  I got put in my place.  I learned that day an angel can be very direct, he was not happy with me. 

The Archangel Michael can also be very compassionate.  I was in a car at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in New York the pathway for cars was very narrow and the cemetery was steep for it is on a hill.  I became very stricken with fear for I felt I was vulnerable to the height of where the car stopped.  The fear of heights comes from one of my past lives.  It can also come from when an adult throws a child into the air and catching them misguided in thinking it is fun for the child.  (My uncle did this to me and my siblings.  I did not find it fun.)  In my fear I asked for Archangel Michaels help.  I felt his wings surround me as we traveled down and out of the cemetery.  It is the most wonderful feeling to be encompassed by his wings instead of freezing or in total panick.  I felt very blessed that day.

In the Chosen Many the protection of angels is a given.  When traveling in a car I am surrounded by five angels.  To the passenger side of the car window is Jonathon, a man boyish in expression.  Jonathon has blonde curls, blue eyes, and a wide pleasant smile.  To the driver side car window is Thomas, Italian in appearance, more rugged and heavier set.  Above the top of the car, sitting there is David, the proverbial - tall, dark, and handsome.  He says he always flies above the car.  Now there are two more Jonah and Gabriel.  Gabriel quickly remarked that he is not "the" Gabriel.  Two more angels were given by God for protection against the strong negative forces that have accumulated on earth.

Archangel Zadkiel helps me to loudly and clearly hear in doing telepathic work.  One afternoon he showed himself to me in a cloud in the sky.  He was so detailed I could even see his eyes move. His presence was magnificient.  I thanked him for his presence in my life to help others.

Archangel Uriel is the angel you will see standing behind me for he is my guide and protector.  When an angel is assigned to one of the Chosen Many they are taller than usual.  He stands about seven feet tall.  I feel his presence though I have not seen him.  I know he is there.

We have physical or spirit animals that contribute to guiding and protecting us in our lives.  My greatest joy and teacher is Anetonka, in life a blue-eyed white Siberian Husky (though he views himself as a wolf).  He has the great ability to have true insight in knowing me and what I need for guidance.  He is an angel that I would trust in all aspects of my life. 

Misha is a gift from God to me, she is an incarnate angel here to give messages.  Birds are often sent from heaven to do this work.  Misha is a white Temple dove.  She is a Dove of Peace.  Recently she landed on someone who needed a healing.  This behavior was unusual for Misha.  She was correct in her healing and love.

Are not the children of this earth called 'little angels'?  Their innocence is angelic and their insight, curiosity, inquisitiveness, unconditional trust and love shows us how to live.  I met an eighteen month old girl who became excited and grabbed my staff with both hands, jabbering in excitement to hold it.  Her rambling chatter was incessant then one realizes it is not chatter but angel talk for she is an incarnate angel.  I let her grandmother know she was to record her and when the toddler was older, to have the 'little angel' teach her to learn to converse and write in angel communication.  The grandmother has endeavored to do this and we will all benefit from her and the child's effort to teach us to speak, hear, and write in angel language.  The greatest of all will be the angelic realms philosophy and their relationship with God.

When one enters or is in a room and the room feels closed or denser, there is a great presence of angels and spirit guides in the room.  When we are doing 'our thing' they socialize with each other.  Our lives are not lived in seclusion for the presence of heaven, angels, departed, and our guides are always with us.  Thank goodness!  The word good with and extra o is God, therefore we are thanking God in His goodness.  Blessing and thank you to all angels on earth and in heaven.

Abundant blessings,
Bishop Karen
Sister of Peace