The outcome of our life begins with each breath.  A moment to consider what we bring forth into our world.

It is difficult in our human experience to create change in ourselves.  The opportunity exists in each moment!
How can we make it different and become aware of what we are feeling before we respond?

A great place to start is with a tiny sigh, a moment of reflection before making a final decision to speak or act.

To ask oneself in the moment-
Is this the kindest response for the situation?
Is  this response given in calmness?
Does this response offer compassion?
Does this response create change in oneself and others?
Am I able to create the change in myself to create the change around me?

Fleeting moments of spontaneous insight give rise to a new outcome.  An outcome of balance and increased
energy.  This positive change offers the individual we seek to be in each moment in our journey home!

It is a wonderful insight and intriguing word "home".  Home is spelled and pronounces the name of God.
HOME.  In the moment of reflection before we speak or act we go HOME  for a moment.  In this moment we are aware that we are offering ourselves in sincere kindness and compassion to others.

Rev. Karen                                                                                                                           
Sister of Peace
May 20, 2010