Insatiable quest leads to several thought of knowledge, passion, change, curiosity, growth, learning, desire, anxiety, driven, and never ending.  Our soul becomes curious to seek answers to the unknown.  We endeavor to expand our knowledge challenged in new ways for understanding our world in many dimensions.  Insatiable quests drive us in the thirst to learn and expand in awareness.

The insatiable quest requires adaptation to change.  We are constantly in flux never static.  Our world was never static.  At our physical level we are never static for we constantly change into a new being about every six - eighteen months.  Every cell in our body has given birth to another cell and cells die.  No day, night or moment is ever identical.

Anxiety is variety in intensity from the lesser to the greater.  From the anxiety/fear that move us forward and the anxiety/fear that creates anger and rage.  Intolerance to change creates anxiety for as humans we wish for life to stand still for us to feel comfortable and live in the past.  It is the human desire to hold on to what no exists.

Change is the essence of the universal Creator.  His love expands this universe to grow.  We observe this growth in science.  Imagine if we were never conceived because conception is change from an single egg and a single sperm which both were created from change to create change and we call this life.  Science says identical twins are just that, yet are they?  There is always some minute detail in their appearance or behavior a way of telling them apart with good overt or covert observation skills.

Passion is an insatiable quest to accomplish in a specific field of endeavor or releationship.  It is said that if we have one passion we are fortunate.  To have passion in our career or relationship yields satisfaction and contentment in our life.  It is an insatiable quest to find who we are and what we inspire with passion to achieve.  It is possible to experience more than just one passion in a lifetime.
This passion holds the desire that we learn there is more to each individual than just one passion.  This passion may expand linear in creativity
i.e. Michelangelo or multidimensional in intellect
i.e. Ben Franklin.

The insatiable quest on earth starts with our etheric goals we wish to achieve for spiritual growth and
ends with an easier death knowing that we have done and finished all we have sought to achieve in this lifetime.  That we have left loved ones behind who create their own passage in this world and we have achieved ourl lifetime spiritual goals with an insatiable quest.

Abundant blessings,
Sister of Peace
Rev. Karen Kober