Sister of Peace

          The evenings are cool with a warm rising sun during the increasing longer days and shorter nights of summer.    Each summer day temperatures climb and fly like a kite, higher and higher.  The children are splashing water and squeal sounds of joy as their heads bob up and down in the liquid of summer fun.  The bubbling rain has nourished dark green leaves and tall grass.  Summer solstice is a shor time away and the anticipation of new adventures in daydreams of expeditions to unknown places.
          Sumber solstice is the harbinger of hotter sun filled lazy days of the promised of hot cement, mosquitoes, sunflowers, and cornfields.  Soon our mouths will water with the enjoyment of blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, and watermelon to the harvest of squash corn, and pumpkins.
          Backyard grills will spout the aroma of barbequed meat and many colors of iced drinks.  People will gather together to share a red and white checkered picnic table.  They will tell stories with jokes entwined with robust laughter.  Games played on soft summer grass will announce a flurry of scampering feet.
          The color of summer is the burst of spring flowers turning our gardens into paths of blooms.  The flower fairies are busy working keeping everything beautiful to our eyes.  The fairies in the trees illuminate their tiny lights in the quiet of the evening.  With one's soft glance the fairies are visible.  Fairies love chocolate, bright foil, honey, beer, and sweet hard candy.  Smile to the 'Good Folk' for bessings are not welcome, it is not their faith.  Their faith is in Mother Nature.
     The days of summer blink away and we know we must enjoy every tiny moment for we will be remembering those days from autumnal scurries to prepare for winter's white blanket.

Have a great summer!

JUNE 14, 2013