To gaze into a diamond is to self-trance  into the depth of the universal soul.  The transparent sparkle into this flawless beauty is to seek the soul within ourselves.  The perfection of God was a moment of lost time with a dream gaze into this star of delight, the diamond.

I once met a man that loved horses.  He wore a gold ring, the shape of a horseshoe that was studded in diamonds.  He held is hand in a very prominent position that I would notice it.  When I did not respond, he did it a second time.  Then looked dismayed that I had not made a comment.  I knew he had the ring before he wore it in front of me...yes, spiritually/psychically I knew he owned such as ring as this.  The choice of his ring spoke something of his individuality.  He like most of us like to be complimented on what we have that we think is special.  Yes, I thought the ring was special.

Why hadn't I commented?  It would have been a joy to give him recognition and pleasure of someone  adoring his ring.  Yet I felt unsure of the ultimate reason for his hand gesture to show off his ring.  Was it insecurity, the need for recognition or the feeling of importance of what he could afford?  My heart spoke silently that it wasn't his diamond filled ring that I cared about.  I wondered, didn't he know that the only diamonds that I was interested were the diamonds in his heart.

We collect these wonderful sparkles, diamonds, as we give of ourselves to others in kindness and respect. Each helpful gesture leaves a diamond in our heart, the perfection of God.  When we are loving, kind, and respectful of others we see ourselves in them.  I live by the ethics that my response to others is how I want to be responded to.  We give what we get. Yes, sometimes in this world of negativity life blesses us with people that are unkind and demeaning of others.  It is in those moments I leave their issues with them for they are not mine to own.  I may judge/discern the behavior, not the individual.  Silence is golden and creates diamonds in our hearts.  Silence holds the spirit of kindness.  We met for a moment of eternity so that we may both learn from each other.  Bless them and walk away for they are on their own journey. 

Seek the diamonds that sparkle in the hearts of others.  The diamonds radiate outward in smiles and gratitude for each moment spent in this phase we call an "earth's journey".  Look up for the stars are God's diamonds in the dark navy sky.  They sparkle, twinkle, and wink that we are each as special as diamonds.  The perfection of God's love for us.  Rev. Karen

Sister of Peace
June 26, 2010