I walked a mile with pleasure,
She chatted all the way,
Leaving me none the wiser,
With all she had to say.

I walked a mile with sorrow,
Never a word said she.
But, O, the things I learned from her,
When sorrow walked with me.
W. A. FOXX 6/3/397 to 8/9/10.....

Love is what we are here to learn...love only exists in the presence of honor and respect.
Death is what we are here to experience...death is the transformation of our physcial into
the spirit.
Re-birth is what we are here to re-learn...re-birth is the knowing that we are eternal.

Love, death and re-birth circles in the trinity of life.  A glimpse into the past is the trace of who we were, a journey in the future is walking the time-line.  Neither exist, there is only the NOW." 

Foxx was a 13 y.o. Siberian husky - white with blue eyes.  His presence powerful, wise, and gentle.  In my first telepathic communication with him were the unspoken  words...
"I come to you as a spirit in the body of a dog.  We are to begin to walk our journey as one." 

Isn't this where all creatures of this earth live their lives?  In the presence of NOW.  Did Foxx know me?  Past, present, and future?  YES, for it is all written in the akashic records.
It is written for everyone to know.  There is a phylum of angels that record everything we say or do.  To what purpose I am not sure.  Probably a learning guide for us to reference?  Life still holds its mysteries.  Mystery, a unique word, a word for the unknown.  Wouldn't life become dull without mystery?  Foxx knew the mysteries of life and came to teach his wisdom.  He came to show the "way" of constantly being present to love creation.

Our mind creates fear.  We are instilled with media and cultural concepts to control our way of thinking, doing, or feeling.  Fear is irradicated when love is present.  It is interesting to note the words psychic and spiritual are defined exactly the same in the dictionary.  Yet  our society endorses and creates the polar concept that one is evil and the other sacred.  An open heart learns that when one becomes more spiritual they become more psychic and love is always present. 

It becomes a blessing to recognize that animals are "true spirits".  They are never taught that God does not exist or that they are unable to do the same as our Lord.  I once asked Foxx did he ever meet Yeshua?  "I know him.", was his reply. 

Are we greater than an animal because we call ourselves human?  No because we are created from the same Source.  Animals speak telepathically and so do we!  We just learned to use our vocal cords.  We telepath every day.

Is re-learning telepathic communication with intention important in the new world we are creating?  Yes, for the children being born are using their telepathic skills actively.  Just think how different our world is becoming...who will cheat you, steal, kill, or call you a name as you turn your back?  No, it will become an honest, loving, giving, and helpful world.  There will be a gentleness beyond our expectation.  Living in the NOW will be loving because it incorporates honor and respect.

Our awareness of the oneness stems from our telepathic and spiritual connection to each other and everything around us.  Harm and destruction will be terms of the past.  We will gain spritiual insight as to the preciousness of what God has created and know we share our being with the oneness of all.

We live in the Law of Karma and are entering the Law of Grace.  In the Law of Grace we are accountable for our thoughts, words, deeds, and emotions.  Foxx, the genesis children, and awakened people have become aware of an ever present connection with God and lovingly walking this earth to experience compassion, love, joy, peace, and serenity with the oneness.  completed 8.26.10  Rev. Karen

    I am free of what I think, say, do or feel when all comes from my Divine Heart.

Sister of Peace
July 11, 2010