Sister of Peace
July 14, 2011


Birth is giving rise to a new beginning and the end of something that no longer exists.  The conception and birth of a child is giving life to another spirit.  Spirituality and expansion of self offers a new beginning of each moment.  It confused me the "higher self".  Did I really have a higher self?  What is the higher self?  Is it the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other to create the choice of conscious living of right and wrong?  It is the etheric origin of our beginning as created by Yeshua for His Father.  He created me and my etheric/eternal name is Cherise.  Yeshua's first physical life was as Amelius.  The Bible calls Him, Adam.

My eternal spiritual name Cherise is for all eternity.  Eternity is beyond my comprehension.  How many zero's beyond one?  In this life my parents called me Karen.  I respond to both names for Cherise still exists.  When I separated from Cherise I was born on earth and when I return home I will continue to be Cherise and Karen and the many names of my past lives.  Karen then creates new life returning to earth or another planet again in another name given.  The cycle continues for eternity as the choice to return into physical form.  As Yeshua says, "A book with many chapters."  He uses the term remanifestation.  Our desire to experience ourselves in another life to experience what we came to learn for our spiritual growth - our Expansion.

Cherise is the spirit form, Karen is soul.  The soul is our personality and the rememberance of our life here.  It is who we are in the physical.  The soul is physical experience of us.  Ghosts are our spirits that do not return home and move in the mist of this world.  Spirits are our etheric selves that have crossed over and visit us.  When I "thought talk" with family member or friends that you wish to converse with it is with spirit.

Spirit is in everything and everywhere.  It is easy to converse with all spirits - human, wind, water, fire, trees, rocks, animals, etc.  It is within each of us to do this.  We are connected in the Oneness, Yeshua calls it the Adamantine Particle, others call it the God Particle, the Infinite Particle or the String Theory.  It is what connects everything together it is the consciousness of God, it is the particle that vibrates, it is the particle that creates - it is God.

Our expansion is not linear, it occurs in the Oneness (all at the same time).  I am born, youthful, adult, elderly - all experiencing many lives at once.  Then how do I know these people from the past?  How do I know I walked with Yeshua in the past as one of the three Marys?  It is because man created time and we find the evidence of our past in the traces of what we left behind - all at the same time we are experiencing our other lives.  That is why I recognize His voice and teachings because I have heard it before.  One may find this truth in heaven's library called the "Akashic Records".  Angels record every thought and action of every moment of us.

This is often difficult to understand and incorporate when first heard - our ego does not want us to hear it.  How do we know this is true?  It is in our Divine Heart behind our physical heart.  Some call it the "zero point" of our physical creation.  It is where all "knowing" comes from.  God put it there, the "knowing".  Knowing holds truth (comes from God and your direct connection to Him), belief holds doubt (comes from a third party that wants you to believe what they say).

We are giving birth to something all the time.  Some call it "creativity".   I use to think that when I had a new concept or created something new or change that it came from me.  That I gave birth to it.  It took awhile when I realized that my creative thoughts and choices were given to me from my spiritual guides or God.  I realized that I could no longer took credit for them.  The inspiration came from divine guidance.  Thank you for helping me. 

A simple prayer, a great prayer is just two words, "Thank You!" each morning upon awakening and before the sleep of night.   Throughout the day it is the continuous awareness of gratitude.  Gratitude for each breath to love Him and what is in front of me.

I told someone once that I was in his heart next to God and to find me there.  Why find me there?  That is where Love is.  I am him and he is me.  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  Love the greatest expression of God.  Love, Life, God are the three interchangable names for Jehovah/Jovena.  

Awareness is the awakening of spiritual being with each of us...if you hold doubt...you will eventually know (here or in heaven) and give birth to being as God created you and have all the answers of truth within you.  It is the Light and this is how the term "lightworker" came into being.  To experience life in the Light of His/Her Love.

You are in my heart standing next to God, abundant blessings.  Rev. Karen