Bishop Karen Kober

At the window of tomorrow
I saw many a yesteryear.
It was easy to see where we'd come,
In the intervening time-
How we'd grown, and struggled, and triumphed
Beyon d the yesteryear was tomorrow's future
It wasn't much different than today
But a little more was added
-A little more light-
And in they way, we came to transcend
And the yesteryears moved up slowly
An the tomorrows moved down gradually
They joined in the middle and spun around each other
To become Heaven on Earth-
The one we've been promised.
Stuart Wilde
(1948 - 2013)

I do not know if you are familiar with Stuart Wilde writings.  His teaching encompassed the spirituality and awareness of our struggles and events that occured to move us forward to unity.   To gain insight to our personal existence and mystical surroundings.

I did not always understand what he was writing about so I would sit with it for awhile.  Then it occurred, the awakening of the meaning.  It took trust to get to know that it would happen in its own time.  Then I understood and learned.  Why?  The trust came from keeping an open mind that there is more to what I knew.  Curiosity you might say?  Yes this is how we grow and become more of who we are.  The truth is always within us if we sit awhile.  The self is not found, it is created.

The truth is not dictated by those we believe to be more knowledgable because of our insecurities.  To stand a firm ground to be honest with ourselves and our abilities given to us by God always remains within our Divine Heart.

It is said that love and fear cannot occupy the same space.  I often contemplate this for I know I can love and fear the same person, object, etc. that I love.  The word love is overused and has lost meaning.  Love exists in heaven and we are on Earth to learn to experience Divine Love.  Is it rather
joy and fear cannot occupy the same space within us?  Living in joy expounds into a true loving existence.

A candle glowed because of Stuart Wilde and now it is dimished.  Thank you Stuart for your life here on earth.  May your family and friends in heaven have the joy of your return to them.

Abundant blessing with mountains of joy!
Bishop Karen

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Stuart Wilde
transitioned May 1, 2013