Sister of Peace
August 1, 2011


What secret?  Was there ever a secret?  Probably not.  Do we wish for the magic in life?  Can we attain the miracles?  Can we manifest?  What is our purpose on earth?

So many questions we ask ourselves.  We seek that there must be something more, a greater more.
The greater more has always been there yet often suppressed by ourselves, others, and created institutions.  We alllow others to think for us.  It is a greater more to independently think for oneself.  To know within oneself the true secret of our eternal connection with life.

We have always been aware within our Divine Heart the answers.  The secret of knowing is as old as man in his awareness of a greater unifyingConsciousness.  Whatever name one calls this Greater More, it matters not, as long as this name resonates within yourself.

The Great Consciousness is our Creator and our Creator is the consciousness within ourselves, everyone, and everything.  Called the Oneness.

The recognition that our Creator works through our subconscious to surface in the awareness of our Conscious.  Is this where the magic of miracles occur in our life?  The manifestation of our desire. 

Our purpose from birth to our return home is to re-learn this specific awareness that God and I are One.  There is no place where God is not.  God resonates in love, joy, kindness, honesty, generousity, and compassion.  Happiness is the true secret.  The elevated feeling of joy in knowing that we are joy, we radiate joy, we express joy, and we are the Greater More.   Rev. Karen