The green leaves are givine way to show their inward beauty of new color.  The birds are gathering and look like clothespins on the telephone wire.  The grass is changing its hues to a more golden or rusty dust of color.  The marigolds deepen in intensity.  The air feels crisper in the anticipation of fall turning into winter and the coolness of a breeze on my cheecks.  Pumpkin time is pie time with its aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg.  Children's laughter as they scramble into the "yellow bananas" to transport them to their first day of school.

Life edges forward and I know inside that the life within in me is inseparable from all that exists.  I often wonder of what I am unable to see; monarchs on their way south, bears feeding to fullness for hibernation, the changing of the colors on the white-tail deer from a warm brown to a dull grey-brown and acorns dropping onto the ground with a tiny thud.  So much happens out of reach of my sight during autumn in preparation for the winter.

It is the joy I feel when I kick to hear the crunch of dry leaves on the sidewalk.  A carpet of colors; orange, yellow, red, and green.  The vision of dried cornstalks, milkweed pods spilling their white fluff, and rolled hay.  It seems when one thinks of it, all colors and hues are represented in decorating our homes for fall.  The warm colors of autumn speak from the warmth inside me.  Knitting as I sit in my rocker next to the fireplace dances the thoughts of hot chocolate, baking pumpkin bread, and sugar cookies to freeze for the upcoming holiday that end the year in celebration.

Autumn in splendor as we celebrate the season of harvest and giving thanks.  Every morning throughout the year brings gratitude into the forefront of hope and desire for the beauty of every moment.   It speaks of our yearning and realization in knowing we have lived another year and harvested a life full of gratitude.  A cornicopia of joy, love, family, and the people we have met along the way.

Abundant blessings this autumn to you in the aniticipation of mellow days with a lowering sun and a harvest moon.  Rev. Karen

Sister of Peace
September 1, 2011