Blessings, miracles, suprises, giggles, tears - let's take a screeching halt here.  Yes, there are many blessings to be grateful for.  Two not usually mentioned are sight and sound.  Color and sound play an important role in human life.  They are inspirational.

We use color and music to make our choices throughout the day.  Did you reach for that yellow dress this morning?  Ever wonder why a color was unconsciously chosen?  Colors give us many feelings...passion, hunger, peace, happiness, calmness, and many more emotions.  What instilled us to paint that room hot pink ?  In marketing even our business cards are effective by the color chosen.  Color comes into fashion and home decor and quickly disappears to yield another popular color.  There is a lot of research into color and its effects on people.

When I give healing energy to a person or animal I do it holographically. The lungs may be the color blue, the spinal column orange, and the pancrease red.  The organs appear bright as if a flood light shined inside and the disease shows in black spots.  Why it is this way?  I do not know, it just happens.  Seeing the different colors of the organs with my Holy eye must have a purpose. 

In my journey of life I met sonemone who told me that each individual organ in our body emits a specific sound.  When the organ is diseased the correct vibration of sound is given for healing.  We use tuning forks to check the status of chakras.  We hum and whistle tunes to give ourselves comfort. How fascinating our world is becoming because of color and sound vibrations. 

In heaven there is a place of healing and rest.  Color is floating like smoke in a gray barren room.  It is the color or colors we need for healing.  It is very calming and peaceful.   

Music reaches our soul.  Sometimes it is subliminal in nature.  During a pre-college job I worked in a restaurant that played specific music at a certain time of day.  When business was busy what I call the "Hi-ho Silver" music came on.  People could not get their forks to their mouth.  They missed their mouth.  Food was dropped.  The effect of this music was interesting and yet very, very funny.  It did move the business forward.  When the music ended the room went back to its usual atmosphere.

We grow up not knowing why certain colors and music influence us.  I am sure the songs of my fetal experience gave way to yearning and aching to hearing them again and again throughout my life.  The old songs give me a comfortable feeling, a moment of belonging.  This comfort is akin to the banana cream pie that my Grandma made.  It connects me with her and I feel secure.  To hum or whistle a specific tune gives us a comfort zone.  It takes us on a memory journey. 

In the memory of my childhood the sound of bells filled the Sunday morning air.  Each of the town's church bells followed in sequence for a morning call to worship.  Lost are the bells for the complaints of an individual or two that wanted to sleep late on Sunday mornings.  Bells on Sunday morning and the organ music flowing through the church doorway gave a deep yearning for sharing together the ritual of faith.   

Color and music when joined as one offers complete harmony, unity, and a total sense of well-being. They balance our life and connect us to the universe.  They have inspired greatness in people. Our innermost being is reflected in the color and music of our choice.  Our personality exudes in the presence or diminshed/lack of color and music.

View the color of nature on a sunny day and hear a happy tune in the background and one is sure to smile and greet others with jubilance.

Rev. Karen

Sister of Peace
October 1, 2010