HOW DO I LIVE IN THE NOW?


Yesterday no longer exists.  What does this mean?  It means that it can no longer be re-created.  Tomorrow dreams, yet it holds uncertainty.  Will it be created as we expect or desire?  Will God choose each moment for us?  Will we experience freedom to allow Him to choose each moment?  Neither yesterday or tomorrow exists in present reality, the NOW.

How do I live in the NOW?  To create each moment as a choice to release or eliminate all expectations, judgments, and comparisons.  Life, creation, and objects were created with a purpose and to balance our earth and universe.  Nothing is greater than another for in our accountability to honor and respect the oneness that we, the earth, and universe remain balanced.  The   word comparison is the gentler definition

I stand next to a friend in front of our family Christmas tree.  I remark on how exceptionally beautiful the tree was two years ago. 
The only tree that truly exists is in front of me NOW.  The tree that I see, smell, touch, and decorated is in the NOW.  This tree is
what I cherish and admire.

My home does not have the backyard with a swimming pool that I long for and dream about.  I have a home where I eat, sleep,
and share with family and friends.  My home is filled with life and love.  The comfort of what is present is in front of me is home.
NOW the joy of being home is peaceful.

I remark to my neighbor at how cute my son was as a toddler.  His smile was adorable.  The toddler is NOW a full grown man,
the baby no longer exists.  I love the man, my son, and the man he is NOW.  I enjoy and bless my son for he is in my life NO

How easy it is to put oneself into the "trap" of what does not exist.  A reflection or a dream is a fleeting moment.  What exists  is what is     seen, heard, experienced and felt...NOW.  All is as it is NOW.  It is just as easy to accept and experience the NOW in the fullness of love       by living in the awareness of the present.  It is like being in heaven without the constraints of time, for time is man-made.

We are here to cherish every moment of life in the NOW.  This creates contentment to surrender yesterday and tomorrow of its non-existent expectations, judgments, and comparisons.  To live in the NOW is to live in joy as we journey earth to return home.
Rev. Karen


Sister of Peace
November 10, 2009