Sister of Peace
November 11, 2010

Our Lord, Yeshua, says that the word "love" is overspoken.  In modern society this may appear to be true.  Do we not just love everything?  I love my house.  I love that color.  I love my new car.  I love the new dress I just bought.  The list is endless.

Our Lord says the word "love " is a sacred expression of feeling.  I enjoyed the use and the creative phrasing of expressing love in the movie "Avatar".  To really "see" unconditionally the person in front of one is an extraordinary perspective of insight into another being of this sacred expression.  "I see you." beyond the physical...I see you in the depth of your soul.  I accept you as you are and want nothing else from you.  The soul is not the diamond in the rough.  The soul is the polished and cut diamond that God created us as we are to make this journey.  It is our journey to know that He sees us in the perfection of a diamond.  We sparkle with life.  We extend our light to see this sparkle in every being and every thing that surrounds us.

We produce the light of love and joy with our extension of kindness and compassion demonstrated in respect as we breathe.  When we breathe in the rhythmn of inspiration and expiration we take in the essence of all creation of all time and space. We breathe in the same air the Christ breathed.  We share in the oneness of breath with all. 

It is an astounding moment to hear the cry of the first breath of the newly born seeking to fill their lungs with the air of creation.  Life expands as the little rib cage and lungs expand with the first cry of life.  No matter if life is filled with lung capacity or the oxyengenation of a plant.  Awareness of life is born.  For all is sentient in creation.

Yes, I love you, I see you, and you fulfill God's promise with life.  I am in your Divine Heart next to God - find me there!

Abundant love, joy, and blessings on your journey...Rev. Karen