Sister of Peace
November 11, 2011


November 11, 2011 arrives on Veterans Day - Friday.  Why is this significant?  The numbers are in trinity (holy) with the number 11-11-11  In numerology the sacred numbers are 11 (highest), 22, and 33.  They are not reduced (not counted in numerology).  If one adds the numbers of their birth
ie. 5/29/1965 the birth month and day are totaled and reduced.  The same for the year.  5+2+9=16 and 1+6=7   1+9+6+5=21 and 2+1=3  The sacred numbers are not reduced nor are they counted.  Therefore the trinity of the number 11 is a Holy day, a day of high vibration.  The day holds two times of the number eleven on the clock, 11:11AM and 11:11PM.

Veterans Day in many a childhood school years meant standing, facing East, at 11AM with right hand placed over the heart.  A minute was spent in silence to honor fallen veterans. Prayer was an option.   We still have veterans that are coming home with the honor of this country, the loss of their life in 2011.  A minute once a year in our life time for these patriots and historic patriots is the tiniest speck of time that says, "Thank you!  I am free because of you."  I stood proudly facing the East and still do.  My Grandmother always said to me that the deeply heart piercing sadest moment in life is to hear  the trumpet sounding Taps in a cemetery whether it be Arlington or the local cemetery.  Our hearts cry, our tears involuntarily drip down our cheeks at the lonely sound of the notes played in resounding in silence. I am grateful to our soldiers with the support of their families that they cared enough about this country to put their lives on the line to keep freedom and democracy in this USA.   When we as individuals for-go the sixty second ritual/tradition of honoring patriotism, the fallen men and women, we have lost something sacred in us.  I invite you to stand with me on Friday, 11-11-11 at 11AM.  

One may in celebration during this chosen day of 11-11-11 and hour of 11 to 11:11, morning and/or evening, light two white candles to visually represent the number eleven.*  The candle flames draw upon air to be lit as we draw upon air to live.  This quiet celebration is a reflection of our life and our life in relationship to the Creator.  I see you in me for you are me and I am you.      

Another blessing is this is the date that signifies the Four Corner Vortex that appears every 26,000 years.  Lasting one to two years releasing negative earth energy.  The Four Corners relate to the connection of four states boundary lines; Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah.  For those fortunate to be present during this vortex it offers the opportunity to experience it, feel the high vibration, and communication or message with the Divine.  A vortex is a life changing spiritual experience to connect with the Creator and creation though prayer and meditation.

This is sacred era in humanity for the Solar Logo (humanity will receive an awakening into the Christ Consciousness and a cleansing of negativity) and the Second Coming has begun our Lord is present.  A new heart-world awaits us to live in compassion, honor, and respect in the oneness with the ever present All.  My prayers are with you in this spiritual journey walked with love and gratitude in the eternal joy of the sacred NOW.

Abundant Blessings, Rev. Karen


note: reminder to use candle safety