It itches!  It stings!  It's in my eye!  It cramps!   The simple irritants of life?

Or are these the real irritants of life?

Spiritual people who "walk their talk" find it difficult at times to cope with the
irritants of life - people.  People who are disrespectful, angry, abusive, unkind,
aggressive, insulting, demeaning comments and so forth.  What do I do with this
constant  unprovoked bombardment is their proclamation? 

We have experienced these assaults, verbal, non-verbal or physical.    We walk
away with perplextion of confusion.  How am I to respond to this?  It is easy to say
with "love" for these people are me, they are God's children.  Yet the immediate
response is feeling dumbfounded. 

Take a breath, step on your foot, check your feelings, delay response, and remain
silent.  Now, only now is the moment to seek the choice of the kindess,                                   compassion, and
for giving outreach.  May it be only a smile or a nod of the
head of recognition, or a decisive moment to know the only response is to walk away.
Isn't it rude to walk away?  No, do not provide the opportunity to continue to give this
negative behavior an audience.  You are demanding respect.  Silently bless them and              continue on with your journey in life.

Where does the untoward behavior come from?  Insecurity, making oneself feel more
important than another, anger, lack of self-worth, lack of self-respect, lack of
self-esteem.  What ever the cause is a cry for love.  To be recognized.  To feel better
with oneself and their environment.  The behavior is inappropriate no matter if what             they feel their action is is called ignorance.  It is the ignorance we sense and         
respond to.  Our delay is to make the choice to respond with love and understanding.

These irritants come from all walks of life; family, friends, and complete strangers. 
What is the provocation?  It is an opportunity to "walk the talk" of a spiritual life.  The
action of choice is always present and constant in opportunities.  Does it create change
from the irritant?  At times, yet not always.  Everyone is doing the best they can in life.        
All behavior has a point of origin.

Can I create change?  Love yourself first and loving others is easier.  Since childhood I have  lived by the ancient timeless philosophy of the Bible..."Do unto others as you would have
them do unto you."  Yes there have been times that I have experienced the "irritant".  My
peace comes from within knowing these people are trying to find their way home to God as
am I.  This life on earth impacts us with learning patience.

My hope is that in their next life on earth is to move forward with what they have learned
from their life review.  Wish them well and continue to inspire others through your kindness
and compassion.  Lead by example.  Allow no one around you to show disrespect in your
presence of the the abuse of another of God's child, animal, or His creation.
Rev. Karen

Sister of Peace
December 1, 2010