Sister of Peace
December 01, 2011


Thoughts ramble through my mind...wandering...wandering...wandering.  What inspires me?
What may inspire others?  What inspiration have we received over the past year?  What inspires us with joyful tears?

This past year a cat scooted out the door to his guardian's panic.  The cat was not to be found. Most people call me sooner than later.  His "Mom" called me later.  Which makes what I do more complicated in finding animals.  My success rate is high but was it enough to bring him home?  The cat is blind.  How would he survive?  Knowing how urgent this would be so that this cat could return home was imperative.  How would he find shelter, food, and water?  

Time passed...yet his "Mom" kept saying that she knew in her heart that he was still alive.  Her inner knowing gave me inspiration to continue communicating with him and sending prayers his way.  Asking for help from Lilith (sometimes known as Mother Nature). 

Love survives, for the cat found a home with ferral cats.  The ferral cats took care of him.  A woman noticed him, fed him, and took him home.  The woman found him 14 blocks from his New York home.  The cat had left home on Oct. 2010 and exactly one year later was returned home on the exact same day 2011.  The cat's guardian had faith, an inner knowing, that he was still alive and out there.  His return was joyful tears.

Inspiration with a touch of miracle!

My faith has been in my heart with the knowing that the choosing to be a disciple and a holy person was validated many times since my commitment in the desert in May 2003.  The years passed for it was not "time for the Second Coming".  We (humanity) was not ready for the change that was to come.  There were many inspirational miracles along the journey.  Now it is here!  The Solar Logo in June (the awakening and cleansing of people into the Christ Consciousness and the Second Coming in July.  The keyword as we were told in the desert by the messenger is "accountability".  In creating our Sunday Morning Heart Circle program there is the affirmation, "I am free of what I think, say, feel, do or create, when all comes from my Divine Heart."  Living in the present in every second inspired in our relationship of honor and respect to absolutely everyone and everything in our universe.  Everyone and everything is God.  We will journey our life in harmony with all creation, embracing joy, love, compassion, and respect in the serenity of oneness.  This is an invitation expressed to me to give to you (April 29, 2004) by Our Lord "...by being joy, radiating joy, and expressing joy."...  It is when our Divine Hearts are open and welcoming to whom/what is in front of us, to love, we are blessed.  For what we give, we receive ten-fold, when we see ourselves in others.  A compassionate heart leads the way into a heart-world.  Remember the old saying, "Smile and the world smiles with you."         

It is my inspiration and deepest gratitude that we are walking this spiritual journey, this life changing journey together.  Rev. Karen