It is the time of year of many feelings.  Some people anticipate creating memories for family and   friends.  Some people feel the loss of a loved one from estrangement or death.  The holiday is a     time for sharing and celebrating our relationship with the Divine and the people that surround us  in the physical or in spirit.

I spend the holiday with friends on Christmas day.  It is a wonderful time to catch up on the life
and events over the past year.  I do notice the absence of mentioning a crossed-over loved one's     name in prayer and blessing of the meal or a place setting for a her.  The dead are to be kept         with the dead I am told.  Our loved ones are with us.  During Christmas dinner my Holy Eye sees the grandmother standing behind her granddaughter.

The holiday is offered with the merriment of good cheer.  A time to celebrate the passion of our     Divine connection with life and heaven.  Most often I hear from crossed loved ones..."I'll be          there for Holidays, please tell my family."

I received my holiday wishes with a card from Foxx (6-13-97 to 8-9-10).  A very special person       opened her heart to a new life after learning animal communication from me.  When she went to
buy me a "loss of pet" card...Foxx showed up in spirit and showed her which card to send home.
It was difficult and painful to read for the inscription is what he wanted to express in his feelings    for his "people".  This card brings me joy.  As Yeshua said..."Is there joy in sadness and sorrow?  Yes.  For it brings hope and peace."  Foxx is returning as a small dog in two years.  I await his       return with open arms and anticpation.  He continues to help others in our journey from the         spirit realm.   

The bounty of holiday lights and good wishes are to be carried into the New Year.  It is at this       time I wish to extend blessings from my heart to those here and in heaven my love to you and        yours...Season's Greetings!  Rev. Karen

Sister of Peace
December 12, 2010