Sister of Peace
May 13, 2011


WHEW!  That was a long word...23letters.  It  is the word for FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH.  YES   today is the only Friday 13th for the entire year of 2011.

There are many concepts of "bad luck" related to this day.  Judas was the thirteeth person at the "Last Supper" (biblical)   Superstitions abound in each culture for this day.

I know someone born on this day...it didn't  appear to him that this day was anything but good for it was his birthday.  It may well be a day of good luck!

What we incorporate from history or unfounded beliefs are deeply ingrained into our sub-conscious
mind.  Walk under a ladder, unfold an umbrella indoors, or have a sparrow enter the house means death...there are many little things and even major events in our lives that kling to our supertitious nature.  Even so we hang on to them and make them real to ourselves.

As the saying goes, "careful what you wish for ...it may come true"  - Don't say it outloud, it may become true.  What we put into the universe is what the universe gives us in return.   Each day is a monitoring of what we think or speak. 

Humans appear to like to frighten ourselves, scary movies, violent electronic games and more.  Ever sneak up on someone, or hide and jump out to scare them?  Why do we do this?  Is it pent up energy to be released or fear, in our coliseum nature for the gory aspect of shock or horror.

How do we eliminate these thoughts that ramble through our heads.  Mind chatter - constant mind chatter.   Release them when they are incessant.  An easy way to quiet the mind is to hold your head still but look up at the ceiling for a short stare and bring your eyes back to looking forward.  The chatter will end.  A few moments of mind silence is rejuvenating.   The mind likes to keep us hopping eventually the mind chatter will start again.

How we change the world is to be that change within us.   Superstition can be fun if kept to a minimun without intent of esculating violence.  It may be a release though I find it wonderfully relaxing to seek peace within myself and leave the horror movies of my youth behind me.  Yes the cartoons were violent when I look back and so were the westerns but I and my siblings knew that it was a fictional - make believe.  Not so with the news and films of war.  Computer images are lifelike.  

Seek the meaning and origin of a superstition and it may appear rediculous.   Whatever your thoughts are about Friday the 13th do a turn about and find the good fortune of experiencing another day with the ones you love.  Good luck, good fortune, and start the Friday the 13th by making a good wish!

Rev. Karen