Balls bounce up and down.  Birds bounce up and down.  Kangaroos bounce up and down. 
Bunnies bounce up and down.  Babies bounce up and down.  Children bounce in up and down.
Adults bounce up and down.
Many beings in creation are like balls they bounce.
Bouncing is like being on a carousal horse going round and round, up and down.
We bounce in glee.

What happens when we stop bouncing?
Life becomes level.
Smiles are far between.
Joy is too much effort.
We move slower.
Our face is non-descript.
Our shoulders sag.
We become farther from God and others.

What can we do to change this?
Change ourselves by checking in on our feelings.
Smile at everyone you pass by or meet.
Notice three simple nice things about everyone.
Wake up thanking God for a new day.
Listen for the sounds of life.
Join a new group.
Learn something new.
Spend moments outside observing the beauty.
Every moment is a cherished moment.
Roll on the floor in laughter.
Help someone.
Stop wishing that we are somewhere else.
Observe God's guidance in synchronicity.
Share a funny story.
Take a deep breath and notice we are alive!

Rev. Karen



Sister of Peace
September 1, 2010