Lord, Mother and Father God, Yeshua, Holy Spirit
I soak and seal You
in the blood in Yeshua's name,
along with Your Word and Eden.

I soak and seal creation
in the blood in Yeshua's name.

According to the will of the Holy Spirit,
I strike all evil
double-fold in the blood,
in body and out of body,
in all places and in-between all places,
in all worlds and domains in Yeshua's name.

Revs. Karen or Henry Kober
Just a note:

          Jesus is Greek
          Yeshua is Hebrew
          Jeshua is Aramaic

Sananda is His spirit name.  His life on earth was as a Jewish Rabbi.  His spirit Hindu.

2000 years ago Yeshua came for everyone!  Time, culture, individuals, groups, societies and religions have created divisions to separate us.

In spirituality we are all One!.  This Soak and Seal is lovingly offered to every human being on this earth.  We are One Heart, One Love.

This was given to us in the desert from the messenger of God for His Son's Second Coming.  We are preparing the way for Him to come again. He comes for All - pray with us.

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In this world of negativity and evil there is needed a stronger protection for oneself, family, earth and all creation.  Revs. Karen and Henry were required to learn the Soak and Seal for protection.  Chosen by God and with teir commitment became targets for the negative and evil unknown entities.  The Soak and Seal is now provided for you for your protection of yeouself, your loved ones,    creature companions and this earth.  God gave us the earth to care for and we are destroying what we have.  Without this earth in balance we will no longer survive.  The Soak and Seal is a way to change what is around us.  The "white light of protection" is no longer strong enough due to the increase of negativity.  The Soak and Seal is very powerful.  We encourage you to try it!  We know from our own experience that it is very strong and comforting.  Use it in its entire form or it may be used in portions as needed.  The Soak and Seal is said in the morning and evening, before prayers and meditation or whenever you feel the need.  Offer the Soak and Seal to others with love.