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Professional life started in Wisconsin for Karen.  At sixteen she established two studios to teach the art of dance.

Karen is a registered nurse having worked in med-surg and psychiatric hospitals.  She expanded her abilities to include    that of a certified Consulting Hypnotist and is certified by the International Medical and dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) and the NationalGuild of Hypnotists (NGH).  Her specialty is in past, current, interlife and future    hypnosis including Soul Release, Akashic Recordsand Rainbow Healing (relationship).  Karen is a Reiki Master-Teacher and uses holographic hypno-healing energy to empower the mind, body and spirit  The "Chosen Many" who help Karen   with God's healing are Jeshua, Joshua, James, John, Ching, St. Pio, White Hawk, Bruno Groning, H.P. Blavatsky and many more...

Karen is known internationally as a professional medium and  animal communicator.  The animals led Karen to do shamanic work.  This added another dimension to her work in telepathic communication and energy healing of people, animals and earth.  St. Francis of Assisi is present during animal communication courses. 

Karen was called into the desert by God in May of 2003.  She committed to Him to follow His Son, Yeshua.  Karen is one of twelve disciples.  God bestowed to Karen the Nine Gifts of Discernment upon her commitment.  John the Baptist told Karen, "As I have opened the path for Him to come, you are to open the path for Him to come again.".  She is to create a Sacred garden for Yeshua and His Mother to welcome the masses.  She is to spread the word around     the world of Christ's Second Coming.  Yeshua will be seen standing to her right and the Blessed Mother to her left  Those with spiritual eyes have seen Mother walk alongside of Karen.  About 2,000 years ago Maria, Mariamene and Salome/Miriam walked with Yeshua.  Karen was the "Third Mary".

The Holy Mother has blessed and crowned Karen saying, "All with spiritual eyes will know that you have been blessed by me.".   She has received blessings from Yeshua, John of God from Brazil, Black Hawk and the Grandfathers of All Nations.  During the blessing from Black Hawk she spoke in tongue for the first time.  With the blessing from John of God the essence of the Ascended Master, Sanat Kumara, is present within Karen.

Seven people were chosen by god to walk this Earth as Holy.  God blessed Karen in choosing her to be in the Circle of Seven.  Her spirit guides are Andrea, St. Anthony of Padua and the Chosen Many.  Archangel Uriel accompanies her with countless spirit guides, angels and anmal spirits.  She walks with staff as directed by God to present her as a Holy person.  Those with spiritual eyes witness her crown of stars along with her lavender and gold halo.  

Clay portrait sculptures of spiritual people are channeled to Karen from Michelangelo.  Completed are Titus, Abraham, Elijah, Sarah, Joseph of Arimethia, Joshua, Moses and Aristotle.  Forty sculptures are to be channeled including Yeshua and His Mother.  Michelangelo has told Karen that she will be painting a mural channeled by him on the wall in the Epiphany building for Yeshua in the Sacred Garden.
As an ordained interfaith, non-denominational minister, Karen offers ceremonies for all seasons; traditional, contempory or spiritual.  Serving Life, Karen provides service in healing energy, animal communication, hypnosis, and telepathing loved ones.  Karen telepathically connects with people from fetus to adult.  She offers interactive conversations with the Autistic, Down Syndrome, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children, the speech or hearing imparied    due to physical disease, disability, congenital abnormality, the vented patient, comatose and the transistioning individual.  Spiritual sessions are channeled by higher light beings David and Sarah.  Karen is the voice for people and animals with     a heartbeat or in spirit.

Divine Heart, an interfaith church is being established in Pennsylvanina and Virginia.  Divine Heart is an invitation to experience the quiet beauty and spirit of nature around and in us.  A celebration of spiritual faith and unity nurtures each individual in seeking inner truth and wisdom.  Honoring the spiritual expression of who you are now.  To live in harmony with all creation...to cherish the oneness of joy, love, compassionan, serenity, and respect in the serenity of oneness.


Our inspiration and teacher
for joy, humor, and wisdom in life!
George was our heart and soul.
He softly  and often spoke of
his abundant love for his Lord.
"God has always been good to me."

registered nurse   spiritual intuitive   telepathic talk   holographic healing   consulting hypnotist   shamanic work
Born in a small town in Wisconsin Henry is the youngest child of three.  He received his Bachelor of Music Education Degree in combined music from the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh.   Henry has a Master of Science in Teaching Music from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.  He is state licensed in Wisconsin to teach instrumental and vocal music grades kindergarten through high school.  He taught high school music for 16 years.  Presently he is writing music for the Native Indian Flute and will be producing CD's of his music. 
Henry is a registered nurse having worked med-surg, geriatrics, psychiatric and oncology.  He is presently working as a RN at Doylestown Hospital in Doylestown, PA
Henry graduated and was ordained in December 2004 along with Karen from Circle of Miracles Ministry - Minister School in New Britain, PA.  He is certified in hypnosis and reflexology.  As an ordained minister his joy is in officiating weddings and other sacraments.  He has great insight to the concerns of others. 
Conservation and wildlife has always been Henry's passion.  He was often found speaking to the animals.  He learned to telepath the animals.  He enjoys the full range of communication with all life.  He assists Karen with her work in telepathic communication.  It is Henry's voice on the phone for scheduling sessions or answering questions.  He enjoys the expo work they both do.
Henry's past lives include Melchior who rode the camel Bashai and gave the gift of gold to the newborn King.  He has a cross on his left cheek signifying
a life as St. Paul.  He was Karen's main camel man in her life as Muhammed.  There   is always fun ribbing Henry about his life with camels. 
Henry's spirit guides are the "chosen many", Martin, James, John and St. Pio.   He committed to God in the desert in    May of 2003 and received the nine gifts of discernment.  He is very powerful as one of Ashtar's Command.  He is very accurate medical intuitive (considered by heaven to be another Edgar Cayce)  and his energy healing is very strong and powerful.
He lived as Melchior.  He rode the camel named Bashai and gave the gift of gold to the infant, Yeshua ben Joseph.  He taught Merlin.  After being blessed by John of God, a white cross formed on Henry's left cheek for he was St. Paul.

educator   registered nurse   medical intuitive   telepathic talk   healing   hypnotist

Revs. Karen or Henry Kober

Ordained and graduate of
Circle of Miracle Ministries

New Britain, PA 18901

December 2004
  REVS. KAREN OR HENRY   215.412.7820   joy@divineheart.org