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People and animals use mental imagery to convey pictures, words, objects, thoughts, humor, or feelings expressed by others or themselves.  We think or feel with seeing a picture or image in our mind.

Energy thought transfer is from one being to another.  This is why one can mentally talk with another anywhere or time.  The person or animal need not be seen.  They may be sleeping or even comatose.

Humans talked telepathically before learning to use their vocal skilLs to form language.  Thought talk as Karen calls it is used in our daily lives. We are unaware how often and frequently we do use it.

People or animals with a heartbeat or in spirit are aware of your thoughts and feelings as well as their own.

Thought talk is a special time for you to connect with a person/s or animal/s and share your interests, choices, spirituality.

You are invited to open the door to enjoy another conversation with them.

A magical journey in creating a deeper bond between you and your family, friends, or animals.
your conversation, your choice, your creation
             What is a Kitchen Table Chat?

Imagine yourself sitting at your kitchen table chatting with someone special to you.  Is it possible a person unable to speak here in life for whatever reason or a person in spirit that you are concerned about or care for is able to speak to you?  YES!  This special someone in your life is fully aware and often arranges for you to meet with me so that they may talk with you again.
They are already waiting for the "kitchen table chat" to begin. The person or spirit is aware of you and your life.

During this conversation they see and hear you. I see and hear them, repeating  what they want to say to you.  What joy it is when something is said that validates to you that it is really them that has spoken.  It is something that only you and they have knowledge of.  A very comforting feeling.

A "kitchen table chat" brings peace of mind, joy, and comfort.             
Professional Psychic/Medium - animal communicator Karen offers a special magical journey to share in the thoughts and feelings of  people/s or animal/s you believed to be forever silent - in life or in spirit.

You are invited to open the door to a "kitchen table chat" for a memorable time  in knowing that you can chat with them again!  For any reason, any issue, forgiveness, or just a good time.  Create and personalize your special time with them.   

heartbeat or spirit
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Karen's sessions are caring, compassionate, and with full confidentiality.     215.412.7820
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